New Survey Finds Small Decor Changes in Your Home Can Affect Your Mood


new survey released by HomeGoods found that the décor in your home can
impact your mood. According to the survey findings, 93 percent of
Americans felt a room’s décor can positively or negatively affect
someone’s mood, of which 77 percent had at least one room in their home
that needed attention.

Released in time for fall decorating and holiday entertaining, the
survey found that boosting your mood doesn’t have to come at a price;
great news for the 54 percent of Americans who haven’t made the décor
changes they want because it’s too expensive. In fact, nearly all (99
percent) of people surveyed felt that simple décor updates – improved
lighting, stylish organizational solutions, decorative accents – could
make them feel happier without breaking the bank.

Through these survey insights, HomeGoods has created six happy home
resolutions to demonstrate easy and affordable ways to incorporate small
changes that can boost your mood.

Happy Home Resolutions:

• Incorporate Personal touches: Half (50 percent) of Americans surveyed
said they had at least one room in their home that felt unfinished even
though it is fully furnished. Choosing décor touches that reflect your
personal style will help create a finished look that will make you smile
every time you walk into the space.

• Bedrooms can benefit most from small changes: The bedroom most negatively impacts people’s moods. Nearly half (48 percent) of survey participants who’d like to improve their décor felt that the bedroom would benefit most from small changes. Think about easy updates that don’t involve excessive amounts of time or money. Refreshing your bedding, changing lighting or just adding some colorful pillows can help make your room a happier place without breaking the bank.

• Better lighting makes a big difference: Of those Americans who have a
room that negatively affects their mood, nearly half (46 percent) felt
that better lighting could improve their moods. With shorter fall days
and daylight savings time, the right lighting is key, so choose lamps
with personality and style to boost your mood.

• Decorative accents can provide a boost of happy: Thirty-seven percent
of those with a room that negatively affects their mood felt that adding
decorative accessories would have a positive impact on their mood. Each
room of your home is an opportunity to create a unique space – bring in
bold decorative accessories that are unique and surprising to make a
room feel fresh.

• Pops of color can boost happiness: Among those who have a room that
negatively affects their mood, 39 percent felt that updating a color
palette would have a positive impact on their mood. Instead of painting,
adding color though pillows, glassware, wall art and accent furniture
are simple and affordable ways to make a room feel cheerful.

• Stylish solutions to organizing your home: Among the 22 percent of
survey participants who thought updates to décor would have a positive
impact on their mood, the survey found that organizational solutions
would have the greatest positive impact. Fashionable and functional
storage solutions can lift your mood while making a significant style

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2013. All rights reserved.