Fall House Cleaning: Chores to Do Now

By Barbara Pronin


talks about spring house cleaning – a time to freshen up your living
space to get it ready for fresh air and sunshine. But, advises a
staffing supervisor for Molly Maids cleaning service, a clean house
requires a fall cleaning routine as well:

Deep clean the closets – Sort out your wardrobe and
clean out clothes closets. Donate whatever you are unlikely to wear
again to make room for seasonal purchases.

Get rid of expired medicines – Check the medicine
cabinet for expired meds and last winter’s leftovers. As you dispose of
them, make note of things you need to buy, such as bandages, antiseptic
creams or over-the-counter cough syrup.

Clean out the fridge – Dig deep for tired or expired
foods, clean the shelves and organize the fridge. Remember to replace
that old box of baking soda with a fresh one to guard against odors.

Clean the carpets – A little elbow grease now will
get you ready for holiday entertaining. Deep clean summer’s grime out of
your carpets or hire a professional carpet cleaner with equipment that
may dig deeper than you can.

Clean ceiling fans and ceiling light fixtures – Open doors and windows all summer have likely left them coated with dust. Clean them thoroughly now that the doors are closed.

Wash the windows – Washing them inside and out may be a pain, but winter can be depressing enough without having to look through dirty windows.

Shine the silver – Before Thanksgiving is the best time to get out the polish and get your silverware ready for company.

Check the gutters – Autumn means gutters are full of
falling leaves. Clean them out now with a special hose attachment that
has a hooked end to get down into the gutters. Look into attaching
“hoods” or “helmets” to the gutters so you won’t have to worry as much
about cleaning out leaves in the future.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2013. All rights reserved.