How To Winterize for Immediate Savings and Year-Round Efficiency


Fall is the ideal time to tackle home improvements, and the last chance to get your home ready for winter weather.

"Thanks to new technologies, a few projects can significantly improve
home safety, efficiency and convenience," says Tom Kraeutler, home
improvement expert and syndicated radio show host of The Money Pit.

Kraeutler and co-host Leslie Segrete recommend the following for winterizing and protecting any home.

Improve attic insulation

"Up to 70 percent of home energy is used for heating and cooling, so
trim costs by heading up to your attic and installing Owens Corning
AttiCat Expanding Blown-In Insulation," says Segrete. "Using the bagged
insulation and blowing machine, you can reach into tight spots and
insulate an entire attic in less than four hours." AttiCat won't settle,
maintains its R-value, provides sound control, and produces less dust.

Illuminate for security

"Now that days are getting shorter, nighttime security lighting is a
must," says Kraeutler. "The Heath Zenith Secure Home 240-Degree LED
Motion-Activated Security Light gives you peace of mind and intruders
nowhere to hide." Advanced Dual Zone technology provides blind-spot-free
coverage, and the Dual Brite system offers energy-efficient
illumination without annoying on-and-off.

Smarter garage access

"Ever been far from home and wondered if you left the garage door open?
You don't have to worry with Chamberlain MyQ Garage," says Segrete. "It
installs with your existing garage door opener, and the MyQ Home Control
App allows you to connect and control via smartphone." MyQ Garage works
with most garage doors manufactured after 1993, and its WiFi hub
connects to your home's wireless router.

Generate standby power

"Power outages are inevitable in the season ahead, and a Kohler
Automatic Standby Home Generator can protect your home and keep systems
going in an emergency," says Kraeutler. "Unlike portable units, it's
permanently installed and connects directly to your home's electrical
system, starting automatically whenever there's an outage." The Kohler
Automatic Standby Home Generator gets systems and appliances up and
running in 10 seconds or less, and can be monitored remotely from a

Wireless network support

"Even with wireless internet access and all your data in the cloud, a
power glitch can be a major inconvenience," says Segrete. "But if you
add the APC Back-UPS Pro 500 to your home network, you'll stay connected
through any outage." The Back-UPS Pro 500 monitors network connection
and automatically cycles power to its Smart Outlets to reboot frozen
devices. It's placed wherever gateway equipment is located, and may be
controlled from a web-enabled wireless device.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2013. All rights reserved.