Get a Head Start on the Spring Selling Season - List Your Home Now

By Keith Loria

Now that March has arrived, homeowners across the country are getting ready to bid winter farewell and usher in spring, and the growing number of buyers that come with the season. While this winter has been anything but normal, those looking to sell their home should take into consideration that winter’s not over yet. In fact, in years past, some of the largest snowfalls and the coldest weather have occurred during the month of March. However, home sellers shouldn’t view this as a negative thing when it comes to selling their home. Preparing your home for sale and listing it on the market during March can also provide an edge over the competition in your area.

While the warmer months are generally regarded as the best time for home sellers to get their property ready for sale, marketing your home at the tail end of winter shouldn’t be taken out of the equation entirely. Even though the weather is colder this time of year, it’s important to remember that prospective buyers are out looking for homes 12 months a year and there’s no reason to drop the ball on getting your home on the market in March, before the spring selling season arrives.

If you’re preparing to list your home for sale this March, the first thing you need to do is make sure the home feels toasty when prospective buyers come to look around. If you are planning an open house or have showings scheduled, be sure to turn up the thermostat and make the home warm and inviting. If the house is cold, prospective buyers will more than likely race through the house. They may even start to question the windows and insulation.

If your home has a fireplace, winter showings provide the perfect opportunity to show the potential buyer how cozy a fireplace can be. Go the extra step and leave some marshmallows and sticks nearby and invite open house attendees to test the fireplace out.

For those selling in areas with heavy winter climates, if there’s snow on the ground, make sure the walkway is clear and the driveway is shoveled. Be sure to put down salt to control any icy surfaces as well. If a buyer pulls up to the house and has to slush through inches of snow, they may not even bother to get out of the car and tour the home. If you aren’t currently living in the home you’re trying to sell, hire someone who can come and clear away the snow before a showing.

While too much snow hasn’t been an issue in many parts of the country this winter, if the property is blanketed in snow, you may want to use photographs to help sell what the buyer can’t see. If you have a beautiful lawn, stellar landscaping or an outdoor pool or deck, many times these are quickly overlooked or passed by because of snow. Display any eye-catching photos of these amenities so buyers can get a better understanding of what the property truly offers.

There are still many real estate professionals and home sellers alike who don’t believe that trying to sell a home during the winter is a good idea, so the month of March is a great time to take advantage of the smaller competition. Many serious buyers often come out during the winter months, including corporate clients who usually need to relocate within the first quarter of the year.

Since a lot of people are waiting until spring to put their home on the market, being ready in March is a great way to beat the rush.

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