Tips for Picking the Right Water Heater for Your Home


are more than enough brands, shapes and sizes of water heaters around.
The fuel types and energy ratings vary as well. There are also tank and
tankless heaters. Review tips provided by top rated plumbers on how to
find the most efficient water heater for you and your family or

Conventional Storage Tank Water Heaters

The first step is to understand the workings of an average water heater.
Know the best kind of fuel source to use. The gas heater produces a
flame and emits fumes through vents. It is a popular system because it
heats water quickly and maintains heat for hours.

Natural Gas, LP Gas and Electrical Water Heaters

Due to the use of gas, this heater must contain safety features that
prevent the ignition of flammable fumes. An electric water heater does
not require vents and works as long as there is electricity.

Solar Water Heaters May Qualify for Rebates and Tax Incentives

A solar water heater may seem expensive, but it saves thousands of
dollars in annual energy bills. This system draws in heat from sunlight
that hits solar panels on the roof. For the greatest energy efficiency,
use a solar heater along with a traditional gas or electric heater to
reduce the utility bill. Overall, choose the right fuel source based on
your location. If natural gas is easily available, use this source.
Living in a hot, sunny area with little rain is ideal if you want to use
a solar heater.

Tankless Water Heaters Provide Unlimited Amounts of Hot Water

A tankless water heater makes hot water as needed and does not have a
storage tank that must be heated and reheated until there is a demand.
There is either a point-of-use model that works attached to a sink or
other fixture, or a whole-house model that heats water for the entire
house. The point-of-use heater is small enough to appear under a sink

The tankless heater has a number of advantages for the homeowner. Since
it is more energy efficient than the tank model, look for tax savings.
The tankless unit heats water continuously so that hot water never runs
out. They are often warranted for more than a decade and with
maintenance, can last more than 20 years.

To choose the right home water heater, the homeowner and plumber should
analyze the hot water needs of you and everyone in the house. Compare
the energy efficiency ratings and customer reviews. A tankless heater
usually lasts longer than a tank one. Consider the size of the heater
and where you plan to install it. Review all the choices you have when
it comes to the modern water heater.

Source: Silverstate Plumbing

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